The Bali Police Secured the Caucasians Who Blocked and Damaged the Police Service Car

Badung, Bali - During the press release in the Ghosal Bid Public Relations Room of the Bali Police represented by the Head of Sub-Division of Public Relations AKBP Ketut Eka Jaya S.Sos., M.H., accompanied by PS. Head of Sub-Directorate 3 of the Ditreskrimum Kompol Made Adhiguna S.H., M.H., confirmed that there were foreign nationals/foreigners who were detained because of cases of blocking and damaging the official car of the National Police, Thursday (15/6/2023). 

The incident occurred on Wednesday, June 14 at around 11.00 WITA, when a group from the Bali Police School of State Police (SPN) were traveling from Ngurah Rai Airport and brought guests from the National Police Education and Training Institute to SPN Singaraja, using the Police official car. 

When the group was crossing the Ngurah Rai Bypass, East Denpasar, to be precise at the Padanggalak intersection, without warning suddenly the official car of the Ka SPN Singaraja was immediately confronted by a Caucasian (male) and broke the car's tie made of iron on the front bumper, Using the iron tie, the Caucasian/perpetrator hit the hood of the Police official car until it dented and threatened to break the windshield by pointing the iron at the driver. 

Feeling threatened right then and there Ka SPN Polda Bali Kombes Pol. Subagia and his members (Drivers), immediately got out of the official car to secure and try to calm the perpetrators, while coordinating with the Dentim Police, then the perpetrators were immediately taken to the Bali Regional Police for safekeeping. Currently Caucasians/perpetrators with the initials TCF. (male 44 years), from USA. Has been secured at the Bali Police Headquarters for further investigation. 

As for the motive, the foreigner admitted that he was starving because he had not brought any supplies with him for the last few days, because all of the perpetrator's belongings including money and passports and visas were stolen, but the perpetrators did not know where they had gone. Which resulted in the foreigner/perpetrator being confused to the point where he was desperate to block because he wanted to get help from the police. Whatever the reason, the perpetrator has committed the crime of causing unpleasant feelings and damaging as referred to in articles 335 and 406 of the Criminal Code. 

As a result of coordination between the Bali Police and Denpasar Immigration, it was stated that the perpetrator arrived in Bali one month ago using a tourist visa and was declared invalid since one week ago. So that the coordination between the Bali Regional Police and Immigration stated that the foreigners who carried out the damage would be immediately deported. Close Kompol Adhi.  (*)

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