Kasad Motivates G20 Presidential Security Task Force at Mangrove Forest and GWK

Denpasar - Working visit Chief of Staff the Indonesian Army (Kasad), General TNI Dr. Dudung Abdurachman, on Wednesday (11/9/2022) carried out a check on the readiness of Security Task Force personnel who had occupied positions according to the G20 Summit Presidential Security task organization in Ngurah Rai Mangrove Tahura Area.

Accompanied by Irdam IX/Udayana Brigadier General Tatan Ardianto, S.I.P., Kasad and his entourage arrived at the Ngurah Rai Tahura Mangrove Venue, Narmada Temple Area, Pemogan Village, South Denpasar District, and were greeted by Danrem 163/WSA together with Commander of the Mangrove Forest Area Security Task Force Complex.

The presence of the number one person in the TNI AD in midst of the Soldiers who are carrying out the task of securing the G20 Summit Presidency is to provide motivation and see directly in the field the personnel who have the honor to carry out security duties at the G20 Summit Presidency event.

"I remind, that the activities we are securing are international levels activities and is a gamble for the dignity of the nation, so that you must carry out this task to the best of your ability, always be alert and recognize every task given by your leader," said Kasad to Soldiers who are members of the Security Task Force.

After giving directions and giving gifts to the Security Task Force personnel, Kasad carried out an inspection of Ambulance vehicles and locations where Mangrove Trees were planted and nurseries, accompanied by Ministry of PUPR staff.

Furthermore, Kasad and his entourage continued the agenda of activities to the Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Venue in Jimbaran which was one of the locations to be visited by Heads of State and Delegations of G20 Summit participants.

Arriving at GWK, Kasad also directly met face to face with the Soldiers of the Presidential Security Task Force at the G20 Summit and also gave gifts. In addition, Kasad also carried out a review around the location of the activities that the G20 Summit participants would visit. (Pendam IX/Udy)

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